Bulbophyllum patens. Attracted by an irresistibly alluring...
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SpeciesBulbophyllum patens
LocalitySarawak, Malaysia
DescriptionAttracted by an irresistibly alluring fragrance, a Bactrocera fruit fly arrives at an orchid, carrying on its back the sticky yellow pollinarium of another bloom it has previously visited. Unlike many flowers which offer nectar in exchange for pollination, some Bulbophyllum orchids reward their guests instead with aromatic chemical compounds. In this instance, the chemicals of B. patens are specifically tailored to boost the male fruit fly's sexual pheromones, aiding it in attracting a mate.  
Keywords | bactrocera | bloom | borneo | flora | flower | fly | fruit | mutualism | orchidaceae | plant | pollinate | pollination | scent | symbiosis | tephritidae


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