Nepenthes veitchii. A bird's eye view of...
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SpeciesNepenthes veitchii
LocalitySabah, Malaysia
DescriptionA bird's eye view of one of the most unusual carnivorous plants in Borneo. Whilst most other Nepenthes utilize their looping tendrils to climb higher into vegetation, this species is unique in its tree-hugging growth habit. Starting from the ground up, the thick leathery leaves wrap around the side of the host tree, enabling the plant to reach high into the bright canopy. The hairy pitchers can reach over 20cm in length and with their slippery wide peristome (toothed rim) the serve as efficient insect traps. View species profile.
Keywordsbasin | borneo | carnivorous | climber | epiphyte | epiphytic | flora | maliau | nepenthaceae | pitcher | plant | trap | vine


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