Amblyornis inornata. A carefully arranged pile of...
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SpeciesAmblyornis inornata
LocalityWest Papua, Indonesia
DescriptionA carefully arranged pile of Aeschynanthus flowers forms the centerpiece of a Vogelkop Bowerbird's display. The elaborately constructed twig hut with various colorful ornaments (here including flowers, beetle elytra, and fruit husks) is constructed by the male solely for the purpose of impressing female birds to select him as a mate. Each male will use their own artistic preferences in selecting various colors for their display, and theft of highly desirable items by competitors is a frequent occurrence.  
Keywordsaeschynanthus | animal | arfak | bird | bowerbird | display | fauna | flower | gardener | gesneriaceae | irian | jaya | mountains | ornament | vogelkop | west | wildlife


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