Macroglossus minimus. Nectar-feeding bats play an essential...
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SpeciesMacroglossus minimus
LocalitySabah, Malaysia
DescriptionNectar-feeding bats play an essential role in the pollination of many rainforest trees. Here, a Long-tongued Nectar Bat arrives at the night-blooming blossoms of a durian tree (Durio zibethinus). Prized for its delectable aromatic fruit, the productivity of many durian plantations is under threat where the native bat populations have been killed off by hunters.  View species profile.
Keywordsanimal | bat | borneo | danum | durian | durio | fauna | feeding | flower | fruit | fruit | mammal | nectar | nectarivore | nocturnal | pollen | pollinate | pollination | pteropodidae | wildlife | zibethinus


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