Amblyornis inornata. With a flair for home...
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SpeciesAmblyornis inornata
LocalityWest Papua, Indonesia
DescriptionWith a flair for home decor, the Vogelkop Bowerbird produces perhaps the most artful creation of any animal, all in the name of romance. Here, a male bird shows off his collection of freshly collected flowers, fungi, beetle shells, and blue berries, neatly organized in piles laid out on a mat of meticulously cleaned moss. The twig hut in the back is not a nest - rather its construction is made entirely for the purpose of impressing a visiting female who will choose to mate with him only after a thorough inspection of his display. Arfak Mountains, Papua, Indonesia.  
Keywordsanimal | arfak | beetle | bird | bowerbird | display | fauna | fungi | gardener | guinea | irian | jaya | mountains | new | ornament | vogelkop | west | wildlife


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