Sphenophryne cornuta. Male parental care is quite...
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SpeciesSphenophryne cornuta
LocalityPapua, Indonesia
DescriptionMale parental care is quite rare in nature, but a variety of frogs throughout the tropics show instances where the father transports the young on his back. In most cases this involves carrying either eggs or tadpoles, but in a few New Guinean species actual froglets ride in piggyback fashion. A member of the Microhylidae, these frogs have direct-development larvae which means that the tadpoles morph into tiny frogs before leaving the egg, an adaptation enabling them to negate the need for a pool of water. The froglets will hitch a ride on the back of their father for several days before being dispersed in the rainforest understory. 
Keywordsamphibian | animal | fauna | frog | froglet | guinea | irian | jaya | microhylidae | new | tadpole | west | wildlife


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