Galeopterus variegatus borneanus. By means of its extensive...
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SpeciesGaleopterus variegatus borneanus
LocalitySarawak, Malaysia
DescriptionBy means of its extensive skin membranes, the Sunda Flying Lemur (a type of colugo) is capable of gliding impressive distances between trees. This adult is carrying a young offspring on its underside. Bearing no relation to true lemurs, colugos are in their own unique order and are only distantly related to primates and treeshrews. They are nocturnal, feeding on leaves, flowers, and sap. Recent research on morphological and genetic variations indicate that the Bornean and Javan subspecies may merit recognition as distinct species. 
Keywordsanimal | baby | bako | borneo | colugo | cynocephalidae | cynocephalus | fauna | flying | glider | gliding | lemur | malayan | mammal | sunda | wildlife


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