Harpesaurus borneensis. Undoubtedly one of the rarest...
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SpeciesHarpesaurus borneensis
LocalitySarawak, Malaysia
DescriptionUndoubtedly one of the rarest and most peculiar of all Borneo's reptiles: the Bornean Horned Lizard. The males of this species are unique in possessing a distinctive horn at the tip of their snout, a trait not seen in the females nor found in any other Bornean lizard. Even more unusual, this is the only known agamid lizard in Southeast Asia to give birth to live young rather than laying eggs. As only a few specimens of this species have ever been found, its full life history and distribution in Borneo are still largely unknown. 
Keywordsagamidae | animal | borneo | endemic | fauna | lizard | reptile | wildlife


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