Ophiocordyceps dipterigena. The haunting hollow skeleton of...
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SpeciesOphiocordyceps dipterigena
LocalityWest Papua, Indonesia
DescriptionThe haunting hollow skeleton of a fly is all that remains after being consumed alive by a parasitoid fungi in the New Guinean rainforest. Two different types of fruiting bodies have emerged from the fly's body: the dorsal 'mushrooms' (ascostroma) are perfectly positioned to release tiny spores on the fungi's next victim. The tropics hold a great diversity of these entomopathogenic fungi, with undoubtedly many undescribed species, each apparently tailored to target specific insect hosts. 
Keywordsdiptera | fly | fungi | guinea | insect | irian | jaya | mushroom | new | parasite | parasitic | parasitoid | spores


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