Microhyla cf. borneensis. A miniature narrow-mouthed frog seeks...
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SpeciesMicrohyla cf. borneensis
LocalitySarawak, Malaysia
DescriptionA miniature narrow-mouthed frog seeks the moist shelter within a carnivorous plant (Nepenthes bicalcarata) resting on the Borneo rainforest floor. Normally a deadly pitfall trap, this plant's pitcher has been chewed open on the side by a small mammal, probably in an attempt to feed on the trapped insects (or fluids) inside. Several species of Nepenthes such as this are used as tadpole nurseries for certain frogs, some of which will breed nowhere else.  
Keywordsamphibian | animal | bicalcarata | borneo | carnivorous | fauna | frog | microhylidae | narrow-mouthed | nepenthaceae | nepenthes | pitcher | plant


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