Tomistoma schlegelii. One of the world's least...
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SpeciesTomistoma schlegelii
DescriptionOne of the world's least studied crocodilians, the False Gharial, is a rare inhabitant of the dark tannin colored waters of peat swamps in Borneo, Sumatra, and Malaysia. Due to their narrow snout they were once believed to feed exclusively on fish, however large specimens can reach lengths of over 5 meters and have more recently been observed to consume prey as large as Proboscis Monkeys, or in one unfortunate instance, a grown man. Although much remains unknown about their life history, it is clear that they are rapidly becoming endangered due to destruction of their peat swamp habitats. 
Keywordsanimal | borneo | crocodile | crocodylidae | false | fauna | gharial | reptile | swamp


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