Myzomela rosenbergii. For anyone familiar with the...
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SpeciesMyzomela rosenbergii
LocalityPapua, Indonesia
DescriptionFor anyone familiar with the wildlife of Southeast Asia, crossing the Wallace Line on a journey to New Guinea introduces you to an entire assortment of creatures which are completely new and yet often strangely familiar. A great example are the nectar-feeding birds, which in Asia are dominated by the dainty and colorful sunbirds (Nectariniidae). In New Guinea, these are mostly replaced by the honeyeaters (Meliphagidae), the smallest of these being the myzomelas, which are very sunbird-like in appearance and fulfill the same role – a beautiful illustration of convergent evolution. Here, a male Red-collared Myzomela pauses on a branch in the cold alpine thickets of Papua's Snow Mountains.  
Keywordsanimal | bird | fauna | guinea | honeyeater | irian | jaya | meliphagidae | myzomela | new | red-collared | west | wildlife


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