Rattus baluensis & Nepenthes rajah. An infrared camera trap reveals...
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SpeciesRattus baluensis & Nepenthes rajah
LocalitySabah, Malaysia
DescriptionAn infrared camera trap reveals a secretive nocturnal visitor to the giant pitchers of Nepenthes rajah. The Summit Rat is known only from the upper slopes of Mount Kinabalu in northern Borneo. New research has confirmed that this rodent shares a similar mutualistic relationship with these pitcher plants as the Mountain Treeshrew (Tupaia montana), by obtaining sweet nectar in exchange for their nitrogen-rich droppings. 
Keywordsanimal | borneo | carnivorous | ecology | fauna | flora | kinabalu | mammal | muridae | mutualism | nepenthaceae | pitcher | plant | rat | rodent | summit | wildlife


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