Brenthia sp.. With its gaudy appearance and...
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SpeciesBrenthia sp.
LocalitySarawak, Malaysia
DescriptionWith its gaudy appearance and bold stance on top of a leaf, one might think that this tiny metalmark moth would make easy prey for a small predator like a jumping spider. However, if you blur your eyes just a little, you might be able to see why jumping spiders hesitate before attacking these moths - their wing patterns look remarkably similar to another jumping spider. Note particularly the 'fuzzy legs' (dark bands) held to the side and the eyespots with reflections at the top. Jumping spiders may not have as acute eyesight as we do, but they are nevertheless visually-oriented predators, and they also avoid risky conflicts with others of their kind. 
Keywords | borneo | choreutidae | fauna | insect | lepidoptera | mimicry | moth | spider


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