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Species Macroglossus minimus
Common Name Long-tongued Nectar Bat
Family Pteropodidae
Order Chiroptera
Distribution A widespread species found from Southeast Asia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and northern Australia.
Habitat This species can be found in primary and secondary tropical forest, mangroves, swamp forest, plantations, rural gardens and urban areas from sea-level up to 1500 m. During daytime this species can be found roosting under large leaves, branches, loose bark or in bamboo with its wings wrapping around its body.
Description  With an average body length measurement of 60-85 mm, it is one of the smallest nectar bats. Compared to the other species in its family, the reddish-brown fur on the upperparts of this nectar bat is very long. Like most Old World fruit bats, this species has forward-facing large eyes and rounded nostrils with a distinct middle groove running down to the upper lip. Its muzzle is elongated and narrow with very small teeth and needle-like canines.
Notes  Many forest trees and plants rely on this bat as an essential pollinator. Using its long tongue, the nectar bat feeds on nectar and pollen from many sources including the flowers of durian (Durio sp.) and banana (Musaceae). These flowers that are pollinated by bats open at night and are often white or light-colored, bell-shaped and have strong odor.
Conservation Status  Least Concern
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# cld08070371
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Distribution of Macroglossus minimus.

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