Species Profile

Species Nepenthes tentaculata
Common Name
Family Nepenthaceae
Order Nepenthales
Distribution Borneo, Sulawesi.
Habitat Grows as a terrestrial or epiphyte in clumps of moss in ridge top and upper montane forest. Elevation 700-2300 m.
Description  The lower pitchers are up to 15 cm tall and have a distinctive crown of bristles on the upper surface of the lid. Upper pitchers only occasionally have lid bristles, and are generally longer, being up to 20 cm. Color of the pitchers is usually dark grey to purple, though some plants are yellowish-green.
Notes  A distinctive species, only occasionally confused with N. muluensis with which it shares the feature of bristles on the upper surface of the lid in lower pitchers.
Conservation Status  Lower Risk (least concern)
References  DC., Prodr.17:101 (1873).
# cld05082422
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Distribution of Nepenthes tentaculata.

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