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Species Rhacophorus nigropalmatus
Common Name Wallace's Flying Frog
Family Rhacophoridae
Order Anura
Distribution Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, and Southern Thailand.
Habitat Occurs in lowland rainforest, and usually lives high in the tree canopy. Descends to muddy pools during the rainy season to breed and lay eggs.
Description  One of the largest tree frogs in Southeast Asia, reaching lengths of over 10 cm. It is a rich green dorsally with a finely pebbled texture to its skin. The underside is white, becoming rich yellow towards the sides and along the legs. Webbing of the feet is black near the base of the toes.
Notes  This is the original "Flying Frog of Borneo", being described and illustrated by Alfred Russel Wallace during his visit to the island in the 19th Century. Although not actually capable of true flight, the webbing between its toes is sufficient to allow it a controlled glide down from the tree canopy, about an equal distance forward as height.
Conservation Status  Least Concern
# cld07091957
Sarawak, Malaysia

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Distribution of Rhacophorus nigropalmatus.

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