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Litoria nigropunctata. A male Black-dotted Tree Frog...
# cld1912732
Litoria nigropunctata
Papua, Indonesia
Leptomantis gauni. A pair of Short-nosed Tree...
# cld1301192
Leptomantis gauni
Sarawak, Malaysia
Rhacophorus borneensis. A pair of Bornean Gliding...
# cld1311449
Rhacophorus borneensis
Sarawak, Malaysia
Microhyla nepenthicola. One of the world
# cld10081704
Microhyla nepenthicola
Sarawak, Malaysia
Leptomantis cyanopunctatus. A pair of Blue-spotted Tree...
# cld09071212
Leptomantis cyanopunctatus
Sarawak, Malaysia
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