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Xylotrupes ulysses clinias. Like other members of its...
# cld1308232
Xylotrupes ulysses clinias
South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Chalcosoma mollenkampi. One of the largest beetles...
# cld10081026
Chalcosoma mollenkampi
Sabah, Malaysia
Eupatorus beccarii. This large rhinoceros beetle is...
# cld1713305
Eupatorus beccarii
West Papua, Indonesia
Xylotrupes gideon. Like other members of its...
# cld1700775
Xylotrupes gideon
Sabah, Malaysia
Chalcosoma atlas atlas. The enormous horns of male...
# cld06102908
Chalcosoma atlas atlas
South Sulawesi, Indonesia
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