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Naturalists and biologists the world over have always been drawn to Borneo, where the jungle has long been considered one of the world's quintessential wild places. Its lush forests teem with biodiversity and are home to over 220 species of mammals, 622 species of birds, and a staggering estimated 15,000 species of plants. Many endangered species such as the Proboscis Monkey, Bay Cat, Bornean Orangutan, and the Pygmy Elephant occur nowhere else on earth.

Although under severe threat, Borneo still holds some of the largest tracts of tropical forest in Asia and there are numerous excellent national parks across the island. Ecotourism is a thriving industry in Borneo, as a visit grants nature enthusiasts a chance to delve into some of the world's richest and most exotic rainforests.

If you are planning a trip to Borneo or elsewhere in the region and are looking for a competent nature guide, I would be pleased to assist you. With over 18 years of experience in the forests of Borneo and other Indonesian islands, I can provide skilled nature interpretation as well as practical organizing to make your visit a rewarding one. Customized itineraries can be put together to suit your particular interest, whether it be photographing rare plants or seeking out endemic birds. Please contact me for details.


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Sri Lanka
Dates: 1-17 May 2019
Trip cost: USD $4650

Located off the southern tip of India, the fascinating island of Sri Lanka (formerly known a s Ceylon) has long attracted the attention of explorers due to its rich cultural heritage and high biodiversity. Conservation International lists Sri Lanka as one of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots and much of the island’s flora and fauna is found nowhere else on the planet. On this 18-day exploration, we will discover many of Sri Lanka’s historical and natural treasures. The itinerary has been tailored specifically to the naturalist and wildlife photographer. We will traverse the island’s range of di verse habitats whilst staying in a range of excellent eco - friendly lodges .

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